It’s time to make room for Generation Z in the workforce! By 2020, Generation Z will account for approximately 20% of our workforce. Born from 1995-2010, this generation brings high expectations with the diligence to match.


As Gen Z-ers grew up during the Great Recession, they possess the awareness of economic unsteadiness. They recognize that in order to achieve the security they want, they must have seriously strong work ethic. As they crave stability, many Gen Z-ers plan to stay with the right company for a long time. The result: Hard working, loyal employees.


While Millennials also lived in a world with social media and cellphones, most of Generation Z has always owned a smart phone. Having their hands on the latest content and news at all times gives these young adults the ability to stay globally connected and current. Theirs is a time defined by broadened equal rights and peaceful protests, so Gen Z-ers want to make an impact on society. They are more interested in working for a company with a mission that they are passionate about, and many say they are willing to do so for less pay.


Although Gen Z-ers are digital natives and fluent in communication through social media, texts, and emails, they prefer connecting with and conversing directly with higher-ups. They have high expectations for their working relationships and need frequent feedback. While they are ready to run with what is given to them, they desire guidance and involvement in the learning process.


For Gen Z-ers, the top priorities in a job search include:

  • Growth Opportunities
  • Generous Pay
  • Making a Positive Impact
  • Job Security
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Flexible Hours


Generation Z will contribute a great deal to the workforce, including loyalty, ambition, drive, and talent. Their fresh views and creativity will benefit your company and propel innovation to keep up with (and get ahead of) the changing times.


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