The need for skilled trades workers is rising faster than ever! Even with automation taking over in manufacturing and similar industries, the need for high-skill, hands-on expertise isn’t going anywhere. See the most in-demand skilled trades in 2018 below, then take a peak at the chart to see projected job base in 2024!


HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR (job base projected increase by 2024 – 12.7%)

Since heavy equipment, such as loaders, dozers, and crushers are dangerous to operate, these workers require extensive training for each different machine.

ELECTRICIANS (job base projected increase by 2024 – 8.9%)

Electricians require lengthy apprenticeships and state licensures, but they’re always necessary, especially as we continue into the digital age. Maybe you could live without lights or TV for a few hours, but could you survive those hours with out Wi-Fi?!

WELDERS (job base projected increase by 2024 – 5.6%)

Openings for welders and ironworkers are expected to increase dramatically in the years to come. Apprenticeships and certifications are required for most open roles, but the national salary average is close to $50,000.

MACHINE OPERATORS (job base projected increase by 2024 – 7.9%)

Machine operators, also known as machinists, work with industrial machinery—either programming, set-up, or operation. Machinists use computers to program and control the equipment. To be a machinist, one must possess math and analytical skills to read schematics, CAD/CAM technology, and blueprints.

DRIVERS (job base projected increase by 2024 – 5.8%)

Product still needs the means to move from one place to another, so jobs that involve transporting product to and from warehouses or retailers is still expected to rise.




The below chart, based on information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, predicts the job base of the corresponding position/field.




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Bureau of Labor Statistics

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