Here is just a small sample of the most common specialized skilled trades and professional positions in the Aviation, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing industries and their corresponding national salary averages based on current Glassdoor reports.





  • Avionics Technicians install and troubleshoot avionics equipment on fixed wing aircraft or helicopters. They’re responsible to see that everything works properly and none of it interferes with other electronic devices on board. National salary average: $45,357
  • A&P Mechanics inspect aircraft as well as perform, supervise and conduct preventive maintenance. National salary average: $53,561
  • Quality Engineers use configuration management disciplines, tools, and practices to ensure that products and services meet engineering requirements. National salary average: $82,566
  • Quality Managers ensure that inspection activities and tests are carried out to support the maintenance, repair, and installation procedures on aircrafts. National salary average: $93,583

Oil & Gas

  • Petroleum Pump Systems Engineer perform calculations/analysis, design, and develop drawings for pump systems. National salary average: $78,000
  • Geoscientists typically work to determine the location and amount of combustible fuel in sediments on land or in the ocean. National salary average: $113,161
  • Petroleum Engineers develop plans to drill in oil and gas fields, and then to recover the oil and gas. National salary average: $125,870
  • Drilling Managers oversees all drilling operations. National salary average: $129,997


  • Quality Assurance Specialists monitor and record results from processes and procedures within manufacturing industries.. National salary average: $53,320
  • Operations Managers responsibility for the entire operation of the plant, from raw materials through finished product distribution. National salary average: $70,056
  • Mechanical Engineers are responsible for assessing project requirements, measuring performance of mechanical components, devices and systems. National salary average: $84,496
  • Plant Managers run manufacturing sites with responsibilities in production output, product quality, and on-time shipping. National salary average: $127,846


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