Keeping Up With Compensation Trends in 2019

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  312,000 jobs were added in the U.S. in December 2018 – 2.6 million jobs total in 2018! All these new opportunities, along with the unemployment rate being at its lowest since 1969, have caused employers to adjust compensation to attract strong talent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pay levels of hourly workers… Read more »

New Year, New Career?

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  We’re only halfway through January, and it’s still resolution time, baby!!! Every year, millions of Americans look forward to the new year and commit to themselves to “this year they are going to (blank)”.  When the clock strikes midnight, some resolve to lose 10 pounds while others are going to reconnect with loved ones… Read more »

5 Recruiting Strategies We Use to Quickly Land the Most Qualified Candidates

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It’s no secret that we’re in a candidate driven market! As a result of extremely low unemployment, finding and hiring ideal candidates has become an extremely hard, expensive and time-consuming. There has been a major shift going on in recruiting paradigm, and the focus is now on candidates and the candidate experience.   In the big picture of… Read more »

What Specialized Skilled Trades and Professional Positions are Paying in These Industries…

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Here is just a small sample of the most common specialized skilled trades and professional positions in the Aviation, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing industries and their corresponding national salary averages based on current Glassdoor reports.       Aviation Avionics Technicians install and troubleshoot avionics equipment on fixed wing aircraft or helicopters. They’re responsible… Read more »

3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Accepting a Counteroffer

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  I know this is not news to anyone, but it is a job seekers market. As of the writing of this article, the current unemployment rate is 3.7%, the lowest that it has been in nearly 50 years! With a low unemployment rate comes opportunities to take advantage of the market and increase salary…. Read more »

Most In-Demand Skilled Trades in 2018

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  The need for skilled trades workers is rising faster than ever! Even with automation taking over in manufacturing and similar industries, the need for high-skill, hands-on expertise isn’t going anywhere. See the most in-demand skilled trades in 2018 below, then take a peak at the chart to see projected job base in 2024!  … Read more »

What are skilled trades positions currently paying in the U.S.?

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Today’s low unemployment rate has made the talent pool smaller and smaller, making it very difficult for employers to hire candidates that have the experience and skill sets they are seeking. This has been a common theme in our previous blog posts. We are becoming increasingly aware that to find these sought-after candidates, we must… Read more »

Narrowing the skills gap as Boomers are leaving the workforce…

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Baby Boomers are retiring from their skilled trades jobs, causing the knowledge and skill sets they possess to leave the labor force.   In turn, 62% of employers are struggling to fill skilled trades positions, and an estimated 31 million positions will need to be filled around the U.S. by 2020! This is concerning for… Read more »