What Common Job Roles in the Manufacturing Industry are Currently Paying

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With the national unemployment rate at a low 4%, it has become a candidate’s market. Keeping this in mind, when searching for talent in the manufacturing industry, companies must prepare to meet candidate pay expectations to recruit and retain their workforce. Here are a few common manufacturing positions and their corresponding national salary averages based… Read more »

Evolution of Hiring Needs and Recruitment in the Manufacturing Industry

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  The US manufacturing industry has many windows of opportunity for vast growth and improvement in 2018 and years to come.   In the hype of automation and the Internet of Thing (IoT), approximately 72% of manufacturers have changed or plan to change their business model due to IT innovations, according to Macola’s 2017 Business… Read more »

Move over Millennials – Generation Z has entered the workforce!

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  It’s time to make room for Generation Z in the workforce! By 2020, Generation Z will account for approximately 20% of our workforce. Born from 1995-2010, this generation brings high expectations with the diligence to match.   As Gen Z-ers grew up during the Great Recession, they possess the awareness of economic unsteadiness. They recognize… Read more »

The George Washington Interview Policy

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  “I cannot tell a lie.” You may remember this famous phrase from the George Washington Cherry Tree fable. While many apply this to their personal lives, it would be wise to make this a common theme in professional growth as well – especially when a new opportunity comes your way! Finding a job can… Read more »

Turning contract into hire

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Nearly 15 million career opportunities are provided by the staffing industry each year, and that number is increasing. Staffing companies are viewed by many companies as a resource for extended interviews, so they can secure the most talented and valuable employees. Those that prove that they are right person for the job are offered a… Read more »