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4M delivers staffing and recruiting solutions that increase workforce flexibility and access to specialized talent to resolve any business challenge. From skills shortages to logistics challenges, we provide unmatched solutions and support.

The 4M HR Logistics difference:

  • Behavioral interviewing to predict performance
  • Guaranteed results (three-day guarantee on aviation, one day on all other skill sets)
  • Recruiters experienced in the industries they serve
  • Access to candidates with specialized skills

For any business demand, 4M HR Logistics provides a customized solution:

  • Temporary staffing: cover unplanned absences, demand spikes or tight project deadlines
  • Temp-to-hire staffing: try a candidate on-site to evaluate performance and fit to reduce hiring risks
  • Direct hire recruiting: 4M HR Logistics can streamline your hiring process by recruiting and screening candidates for critical job openings, and presenting you with only the best prospects

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Our process:

Each applicant is fully vetted with an extensive security background check and drug tests in order to ensure you are getting the quality candidate you expect.

In addition, 4M HR Logistics also uses E-Verify, a system operated by the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. This system allows us to determine a candidate’s eligibility for work within the United States. We thoroughly assess each candidate to ensure the person meets all FAA/DOT standards before being hired.

We also thoroughly verify the certifications, licenses and qualifications of all employees before they are assigned, to be certain they meet your requirements and standards.

We take these steps to make sure each of our candidates is a productive, valuable new-hire who will help your business grow.