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At 4M HR Logistics, we’re here to help you reach your goals. We accomplish this by treating you as one of our most valued customers. Our recruiters come from the same industries as you do. They have industry connections and can help you make a great impression on employers.

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  • Uncovering hidden opportunities
  • Taking control of your career
  • Searching confidentially for your next position
  • Meeting with true decision-makers

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See our industry expertise in government/defense, aviation and technical trades/manufacturing.

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Our goal is to connect you with the perfect employer, by matching your skills and experience with an employer and work environment where you can thrive. We achieve this through our hiring process:

  • Online application
  • In-depth resume review
  • Thorough in-person interview
  • Skill set assessment and testing
  • Past performance evaluation (minimum of two previous employers)
  • Criminal background check
  • Drug tests